You’ve heard the phrase, “carrot and stick approach?” Well, sometimes we’re the stick.

No one wants to go to court, but if it’s necessary, it’s best to go prepared.

As a small town Twin Falls law firm, we handle all sorts of litigation matters. Our recent cases include agriculture litigation, business / partnership litigation, trust & estate litigation, employment litigation, real property litigation and appeals.

We believe that clear, effective communication is a critical element in any litigation effort. First, we listen to our clients. Then, we provide direct explanations of available options and strategies. We strive to be accessible at every step in the process — returning phone calls, keeping clients apprised of the status of their case and consulting with them regularly to make sure their needs are met.

We believe that a willingness to go to trial leads to better results for our clients. When we appear in a case, our opponents know that they are facing an adversary with experience who is willing to see the matter through to the end. Click on a topic listed below for more information or Contact Us today to set up an appointment.

Agriculture Litigation

Wright Brothers has extensive experience representing farmers, dairymen, and livestock operators in connection with a wide range of claims, including feed brokering, commodity liens, crop disease, crop damage or loss, property damage, payment disputes, purchases and sales, and collection efforts.

Business/Partnership Litigation

It’s a far too-common story. People go into business together with high hopes and the best of intentions, only to later discover that their partners, co-members or co-shareholders won’t satisfy their respective obligations or (even worse) end up self-dealing to pad their own pockets.

Oftentimes, the factual complexity of these types of cases can be overwhelming to practitioners who don’t have experience in this area. However, the attorneys at Wright Brothers have the ability, experience – and perhaps just as important, the willingness – to dig into the facts and records to determine what happened, and what should have happened, in these cases. Our attorneys then aggressively litigate these cases to resolution.

Trust & Estate Litigation

Disputes can often arise in the administration of a trust or probate estate, particularly when the amounts are substantial or there is family conflict. As a result, these matters can be factually complicated and emotionally charged.

The attorneys at Wright Brothers have significant experience resolving these disputes both in court and outside of the courtroom, representing both beneficiaries and fiduciaries.

Employment Litigation

Our attorneys have experience representing both employers and employees when it comes to litigation of employment matters.

Due to our familiarity with the complex rules and regulations applicable to such matters, as well as our experience representing both employers and employees, our attorneys are well prepared to defend or bring lawsuits, charges, and administrative claims involving employment matters.

Real Property Litigation

The attorneys at Wright Brothers have extensive experience representing clients in real estate litigation, including disputes arising out of the breach of purchase agreements, disputes by and against builders, disputes between general contractors and subcontractors, and landlord/tenant matters.

Appeals – Offering a Fresh Perspective

Some cases don’t end with the final strike of the gavel. Sometimes, trial courts make mistakes or must make decisions in unsettled areas of the law. An appeal can provide relief by having a higher court review the case to ensure that it was decided properly.

The skills required to conduct a successful appeal are very different from those required to conduct a trial. Appeals involve a pure analysis of law and the application of law to the facts. Also, an appellate attorney must be able to objectively review the entire case and avoid the temptation to “re-litigate” the facts.

When their first attempt isn’t successful, clients have turned to Wright Brothers to offer this fresh perspective.